FEC Training Center
OwNed by Iplayco

Looking for a Turn-Key Solution?

In founding Iplayco, Scott Forbes wanted to break away from the norm to provide a more rewarding experience for kids.  “Let’s create things that are good for the children to interact with and let their minds be creative”, he says, explaining the company’s philosophy. “That’s a big part of what we do, whether its theming, unique shapes or play events”.

Iplayco uses the FEC for research and development purpose to see which of its products guests enjoy most, and maybe more important, it's a training site for people considering opening a similar facility.  Dozens of customers, some from as far away as Mexico and Europe, have visited The Great Escape to learn firsthand how to run an FEC.
Iplayco offers a vast turn-key service that covers the business plan, financing, operations, design, training and marketing.  “We take care of the whole thing”, Scott Forbes says, adding the relationship could continue for questions that pop us after the doors open.