In addition to our exciting soft indoor play systems, International Play Company has developed new and exciting forms of interactive play. The success of your amusement business relies heavily on your ability to attract families, provide amusement for all ages, and encourage repeat business.

Go Ballistic!
- Ballocity and Foam Factory

By combining lights, sound, and motion with our “Ballistic Ball Shooters” we create an interactive arena for all ages. Children to adults participate in a variety of challenging games that encourage activity, cooperation, and friendly competition.

New! Interactive ball shooters offer versatility and increased “play value” in our new line of exciting playground systems.

Exciting Options:

Auto-load – Fast and furious, the balls flow and load automatically for instant firing capability.
Manu-load – relies on team effort to collect and re-load balls.

Sure Fire – weapon system: IPC ball shooters take power and control to a new level. Firing up to 120 feet this computer-controlled system allows you to adjust power levels to suit your facility, age group, and ability.

Blaster Game – Target game with moving targets, sound effects, lights and scoreboard options.

Open Blast – Ready, Aim, Fire! Our colourful IPC “dura-foam” soft balls are launched directly at your competitors.

Safe-Blast - Our “Ballistic Ball Shooter” arena with clear protective shields allow for non-impact shots.

Hide & Seek – A variety of hidden ball shooter turrets in a larger than average arena. You never know where the competitors are or where balls are going to come from.

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