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iPlayCO is proud to introduce the newest products in our Adrenaline Park Equipment.

TAG Active promotes fitness, fun and competition.  The Cyber Towers are two side by side timed vertical obstacle towers.  Ninja Courses are the best source of additional revenue for your family entertainment center facility. 

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new - angry birds


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NEW - Biba Playground APP

Gamified playground App and facility interactive experience,
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TAG Active - TAG'n'Play



Make Your Trampoline Center Stand Out
Rugged Interactive

Bogota Colombia

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El Eden Shopping Center - Bogota Colombia

TAG:  Angled Cargo Climb, Balance Poles, Ballhop, Cargo Maze Climb,
Climb Forest Combo, Giant Ball Room, Sea of Ropes,
TAG check counter, TAG Score TV, and more.

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Trampoline:  Trampolines with large obstacle jump, Dodgeball,
Slam Dunk, Valo Jump, Walk the Wall, Skypods, Freestyle Wall,
Tumbling Trampoline, Foam Pit and more.