Custom Designed Indoor Play

Today’s parents are looking for a safe, fun and affordable environment to take their families.  Time is extremely valuable in today’s fast paced society and it is important to provide a family friendly destination that is fun for all ages.

Add a custom indoor playground to your family entertainment center (FEC). This feature will mostly be designed as a main attraction. Its purpose is to attract more children and families to your center and increase sales.  Let us design your unit with entrances and exits in mind, anticipate traffic flow patterns as well as planned seating and controlled access, meet budget, playground objectives and anticipated numbers of children using the play structure.

Our professional and knowledgeable team will work hand in hand with your team to develop a proposal that meets the needs and budget of your project.

Our theming expertise is vast and our abilities include Tuff Stuff sculpted soft foam play equipment for toddlers, indoor 3D characters and facades.

If you can imagine it, we can create it.


Indoor Playgrounds can be installed at

Family Entertainment Centers | Children's Ministries | Fitness and Recreation Centers | Commercial Venues
Resorts and Hotels | Theme Parks | Museums, Aquariums and Zoos

We manufacture, ship and install worldwide:
Indoor Playground Equipment, TAG Active, TAG n Play,
Custom Trampolines, Climbing Walls, Ninja Courses,
Ballistic Ballocity Arenas, My Town and more.


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Custom Designed Indoor Playground Equipment

Iplayco & Angry Birds
team up for interactive and gamified attractions


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Indoor Playground, iPlayCO, Malibu Jacks, FEC development

Indoor Playground design, FEC development, iPlayCO, Play Equipment
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Congrats to our customer Rev'd Up Fun for winning Location of the Year 2022

Rev'd up fun, iPlayCO, FEC, 2022 award, Ballocity Ballistics Playground

Congrats to our customer
City of Edina - 
 Edinborough Park, MN
It has been 20 years!  

We designed, manufactured and installed the large
themed indoor playground at Edinborough Park. 

iPlayCO, Indoor Playground, we BUILD fun,

iPlayCO, Indoor Playground, Playground Equipment, Soft Play,