Attract Families and Increase Your Membership

Add a soft indoor playground structure or Tuff Stuff (soft sculpted foam play) to serve as a value added feature for your fitness club. Its purpose is to attract families and increase your membership, enabling children to play while parents are working out. It's a win-win situation if both child and parent can stay fit. Create an active play area for children to be entertained and get some exercise.

Parents will pay extra for a health club membership that offers a fun play structure for their children. Childhood obesity is on everyone's mind these days and the general consensus on how to curb it, is to shut off the iPod and the video game and to go play -- physically, that is. 

Iplayco offers both indoor and outdoor designs with unique styling and design to match the theme and decor of any fitness center. Our professional and knowledgeable team will work hand in hand with your team to develop a proposal that meets the needs and budget of your project.

iPlayCO is  an "AYP Partner with the Y's Professionals".
This program is designed to help connect Y (YMCA/YWCA) Professionals to suppliers which have made a commitment to AYP. At International Play Company we want to provide you and your facility with the best products, services and solutions.

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Fitness Recreation Municipality Indoor Playground Equipment Designs

TAG Interactives, Trampolines
and Ninja
ADD to your Recreation Center

A creative blend of physical obstacles and challenging events mixed with fun and immersive activities that make up the multilevel, multi zoned TAG Interactive Arenas.  Player worn electronic bands provide gamification of the arenas and competitive metrics.
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Jump around! All kids love to jump. Now they can do it in a safe environment. iPlayCO is the brand you can trust with designs, high quality and safe products, constant innovation and continued add-ons to get repeat customers.
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Ninja Courses are arguably the best source of additional revenue for your family entertainment facility. From trampoline parks to amusement centers worldwide, ninja warrior courses offer a physical challenge and competitive fun for warriors of all ages. Ninja Course builders have accepted the challenge of designing the most engaging course layout to receive the highest repeat play appeal, while keeping the footprint small and cost down for maximum return on your investment.
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