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My Town is a child sized city that is created to include familiar businesses
and buildings within their communities.

Cities and communities are built and rely on the various services
and providers to keep them vibrant!

My Town promotes hands-on experiential learning for children to learn how people
live and work together to create a city that thrives. Children will have the opportunity
to role play different occupations and practice everyday life skills.

My Town incorporates the various aspects of the everyday life by engaging children in
opportunities to experience the ways in which we are all connected.

Imagine waking up at home, enjoying time with your family as you pick your vegetables
out of your garden, then you load up your harvest and take it to the market
where the grocer will sell the fresh, local produce. Then it’s off to the bank to
deposit your earnings and into town to do some shopping, go to the local pizzeria for dinner and spend time connecting with the various shop owners. 

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My Town, Interactive Village, customed designed, play houses

My Town, Service Department, interactive village, interactive play town,