Jump around! All kids love to jump. Now they can do it in a safe environment. iPlayCO is the brand you can trust with designs, high quality and safe products, constant innovation and continued add-ons to get repeat customers.

Iplayco and the Iplayco group of companies are proud to introduce the
newest product in our line.

The Cable Deflection Trampoline systems.

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These Trampoline system designs are based on the patented Cable Deflection Systems.
An industry leading design concept provides less stress on the users feet, ankles, hips  and legs, creating a safe playing environments for trampoline enthusiast.

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Developed by a leader in the commercial trampoline industry, the cable deflection dramatically reduces unnecessary impact to users while giving the best bounce of any commercial trampoline, providing an experience much more enjoyable than rigid frame trampolines found in most trampoline parks. It is durable, low maintenance, cost effective, and comes powder coated in the color of your choice at no additional charge. 

• Advantages of Cable Deflection System vs. Rigid Steel Frames
• Reduces impact transferred to hips and joints
• Lower maintenance costs
• Dramatic reduction in mat and spring replacement costs
• Adjustable bed tension
• Highly durable


In addition we can provide:
Exciting interactives such as Skypod and Dodge Attack
Trampoline powered immersive video games
Sound and light activities like the Prismatic explosion.

Looking for something new to add to your trampoline park?  Here it is.  An interactive attraction that uses absolutely no additional space while increasing your revenue.  The state-of-the-art system is the first of its kind, and revolutionized the trampoline industry.  Keep your jumpers engaged with various games, synchronized lighting, and music.  Interactive jump sessions and games allow for an overall safer and more exciting experience to reach your customers.

Features include:
• Interactive
• User friendly
• Touchscreen control
• 6 interactive games

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