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Iplayco Athletics

Founded on 17 years of industry experience, Iplayco provides top quality products to the international market.

Our Iplayco Athletics components feature premium foam, 18 oz. woven vinyl and heavy duty nylon bonded stitching.

Aerobic Mats Folding ~ Aerobic Mats Folding ~ Sit-Up Mats (Patent Pending)
Tumble Mats ~ Folding Landing Pads ~ Incline Wedges
Ruck Shields/Tackle Pads ~ Tackle Bags ~ Plyometric Box Jump ~ Octagon

Aerobic Mats, Dec Mats, Sit Up Mats, Tumble Mats, High Jump Mats, Gymnastics

Landing Pads, Incline Wedges, Ruck Shield, Tackle Pads, Octagon, Tackle Bags, Gymnastics

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Toddler Play, toddler Playgrounds, Iplayco Athletics

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Rink Dividers

Minor Hockey Rink Dividers

•  Ideal for new cross-ice rink play mandate for initiation hockey development
    from Hockey Canada  
•  Easily transported  
•  Heavy duty vinyl covers are replaceable  
•  Available in black, red, yellow, green, lime green, blue, lt. blue and orange  
•  Easy to assemble using heavy duty Velcro to span width of rink  
•  Can be re-purposed for obstacle courses

Rink Dividers, Minor Hockey,

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